Mobile Marketing hasn't Become the Primary Choice of Small Business Owners

Although many business owners of small and medium-sized business are well aware of the great opportunities and benefits relating to mobile marketing, but they are just opting to use direct mail campaigns as marketing tool.

According to the latest survey of Network Solutions and the University of Maryland's Small Business Success Index, almost 75 per cent of small firms are aware that location-based sites, text messaging and other mobile marking mediums could boost their business activities.

The research showed that although this knowledge just 15% of business owners thought that mobile marketing was 'extremely' or 'very' valuable when it came to boosting sales or attract new customers.

Mobile marketing is felt only a somewhat important contribute in their email marketing processes said a fifth of business owners who responded to the survey.

Twenty per cent of small businesses owners said that they had not embraced mobile marketing campaigns because that it was not proven just -a tried and tested approach. Instead, they choose to keep using direct mail campaigns, because it was a proven success story.